Good University Guide 2017
The definitive British university rankings provide the information to allow you to make an informed choice about your higher education, evaluating everything from entry standards through to the student experience and on to graduate employment prospects
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Courses that inspire students to get the most from university life and a commitment to quality teaching make Leeds our pick of the year

Our Scottish winners St Andrews and Dundee shine academically and seek to transform lives

The government will soon produce its own university tables. Some universities are worried

With annual fees rising to £9,250 next year, it's worth checking out the educational alternatives

Investigate the support offered so if you struggle to adjust to university, you needn’t suffer in silence

From  Rio to 5am training on campus, our Sports University is a big player

Poor teaching scores could restrict fee rises for some research-led universities

Brain drain and funding fears cause uncertainty for British universities 

From accountancy to veterinary medicine: the best universities across 67 subjects areas

With twice as many graduates as there are jobs, you need to stand out

How we compiled the Good University Guide 2017

University league table 2017
The UK's most authoritative university ranking measures student satisfaction with teaching quality and the wider university experience, research quality, entry qualifications, graduate job prospects, degree outcomes achieved, student-staff ratios, services and facilities spend and completion rates

Teaching quality (%): Results from the 2016 National Student Survey, positive responses to Q1-12 Student experience (%): Results from the 2016 National Student Survey, positive responses to Q13-22 Research quality (%): Results from the Research Excellence Framework 2014 Entry standards (Ucas points): Average Ucas entry points, 2014-15 Graduate prospects (%): Proportion of 2015 graduates in professional jobs or graduate-level study Firsts/2:1s (%): Percentage of students graduating with firsts or 2:1s in 2015 Completion rate (%): Proportion of students completing their courses at this institution or another, 2013-14 Student-staff ratio: Student-staff ratio, 2014-15 Services/facilities spend (£): Two-year average of services/facilities spend, 2013-14 and 2014-15